Holistic Reiki

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Welcome to Holistic Reiki. If you want to grow spiritually, learn how to heal yourself, your family and friends and to become a Reiki practitioner then you have come to the right website. Spirituality is a journey and one which is supported and embraced by like-minded people. We are all spiritual but some have blocks which prevent this ability from coming out or deny its existence. We all have different abilities and are on different levels and journeys. My journey is to take people who are on the start of their spiritual journey and help them to learn and grow, to improve their lives and give them the opportunity to be who they truly are through connection with their soul and their life purpose. On this website you will find information about upcoming affordable workshops, how to contact us, and how to order items for sale.


Services that are available include; Medical Intuitive work, Psychic Surgery, Angel Card readings, Reiki treatments, personalised Bach flower remedies, books and crystal jewellery for sale, Spiritual healing workshops and Reiki workshops.