Holistic Reiki

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Personalised Bach Flower Remedies $14 plus $3 postage.

Bach flower remedies are based on energy from plants and flowers. Each remedy is made up specifically for the person requiring it or can be the basic rescue remedy with is perfect in time of stress and grief.

For personalised remedies there is a series of questions that will be asked and the remedy made up. The remedy is preserved with alcohol and is in a small dropper bottle. If you do not want it preserved with a small amount of alcohol please state this on your request. Bach flower remedies are perfect for adults, children, babies and pets. It can help with depression, anxiety, anger, stress, concentration and heaps more. Enquire through the contact us form and you will receive a reply within 48 hours. Remedies will be posted the next day after receiving payment.

Books for sale

Journey Of Souls - A case study of life between lives. Written by Michael Newton Ph.D.

Review: This is a fantastic book which is written in a series of interviews in plain English about what happens between lives, in the afterlife.  $35 each, free postage in NZ.

You Can Heal Your Life. Written by Louise Hay. This book is beautifully written, full of positive affirmations and an easy way to make positive changes in your life. $40 each, free postage in NZ.

Crystal sets, pendulums and bracelets

More information and pictures are coming soon.