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Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuitive work is, with your permission, looking intuitively into areas of your body that may have blocked or stagnant energy which has manifested itself into physical illness. The more we have negative thoughts and feelings, the more these feelings gain solidarity and illness can occur. Medical intuitive work is channelled information from your guides and spirits that work with you, it can be combined with Reiki and Psychic Surgery. It can access past lives and help release blocks and phobias.

Medical Intuitive work does not diagnose illness, it looks at energy blocks within the body and auric field. It does not replace the medical advice and treatment of medical physicians but can be used alongside to help support the process.

A medical intuitive session is usually at least 1 hour in length and is $80.00 and is good for someone who wants one or two sessions only. You will receive a comprehensive drawing, explanation and practise of guided healing that is specific for you. It is perfect for one specific area or part of your body.

If you require something a little more intensive, and on-going support, for lots of areas of your body or life (or have chronic anxiety, depression) then you may consider 5 x 1 hour sessions for $250 in total. This is one hour per week usually in the evening or the weekend (on a Sunday).

Sessions are either in-person on a Sunday between 10am and 3pm in Whangarei by appointment or via Skype and email in the evenings. Medical Intuitive, Reiki and Psychic Surgery can all be done via distance with the same effect, all that is required is a photo of yourself and a time that suits us both.

Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery is painless and works on the energy field of the body for all sorts of physical illness and disability. Spirit surgeons or spirits that work for the highest good are channelled to work on the specific area of the body. This can also be channelled for animals as well as people. Most illnesses and dis-eases are brought about by negative beliefs  and thoughts, psychic surgery will not change these beliefs it only works on the energy level of the illness and dis-ease. If you would only like a psychic surgery session you will need to find some way of changing your belief structure to more positive thoughts either through affirmations or meditation. This is turn will help the Psychic Surgery to be more effective in the long term outlook.

Cost: $60 for as long as is necessary for the surgeons to do their work. Psychic Surgery is available in person on Sundays in Whangarei or in the evening via Skype and photo.